Nobody knows anything that they did not learn.

I’m sure many would read the above sentence and respond with a resounding, duh.

Except, many people claim to know God, but don’t seek Him. How can the
creature know the creator unless they desire to know Him? How can the
creature please the creator, unless they understand His will. The
answer is, they cannot.

In the first chapter of the book of Isaiah, in verse ten, the prophet
instructs the Jews as follows:

“Hear the word of the Lord,
You rulers of Sodom;
Listen to the instruction of our God,
You people of Gomorrah!”

Their sin was so great that God compared them to Sodom and Gomorrah.
Not a description anyone I know would want to own.

In the first chapter of the book of Isaiah, God repeatedly speaks
about their great sin and how it had separated them from God. He tells
them that their sacrifices are worthless. The burning of incense has
become an abomination. That He can’t endure their iniquity. That, they
have become a burden to Him. Even tells them not to pray, because He
was not listening.

Believers know that God is just, that being true, whatever He does is
right. Therefore, the reason for His words are the effects from the
cause of Israel and Judah’s grievous sins. Not one man that has ever
lived may go his own way and be pleasing to the Great I AM.

In verse two, speaking about Judah, God compares the Jews hearing and
understanding to that of an ox and donkey. He tells them that the
livestock know and hear their masters, but Israel does not know, nor
do they understand. How could they? They had spent their time covered
in sin. In fact, in verse four of chapter one we read the following:

“Oh, sinful nation,
People weighed down with guilt,
Offspring of evildoers,
Sons who act corruptly!
They have abandoned the Lord,
They have despised the Holy One of Israel,
They have turned away from Him.”

That’s how having a relationship with God is and has always been. Turn
to God, do right, receive blessings. Turn away, do evil, receive
cursing. You will find this taught throughout the entire word of God.
From Genesis to Revelation, an acceptable relationship with God is one
of obedience. The one who is pleasing to God, is the one that seeks to
do just that, please God (Eph 5:10). I know popular teaching says
otherwise, but that teaching is false, and is leading people away from

Just like the Jews of old, anyone desiring to know God must understand
His commandments, and do them. For the Christian, failing to grow in
the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ, leaves the modern
believer in the same situation as the Jews of Isaiah’s day. The
solution according to God is, to HEAR, UNDERSTAND, and DO what He
commands. This involves and mandates an understanding of God’s Word.
Too many false “christians” today are outside of Jesus because they
are attempting to gain a reward by their own devices. These have
deceived themselves and will reap what they sow.

Christianity in the N.T. looks much different from what we see
practiced today. Today, most religious groups claiming to be
Christians are merely a group of false brethren. They have invented
their own systems of belief. Many of which are based on a handful of
scriptures being applied out of context. This is not pleasing to God!
They’re more interested in pleasing themselves and maintaining a
relationship with the world. Among these people is a spirit of
rebellion, and their disobedience is not hidden from the Mighty God,
the Creator of Heaven, the Earth, the Seas, and all that is in them.
Sadly, they don’t desire to hear the Word of Truth. They don’t
actually believe in God, nor His Word. Jesus said in John 14:15, “If
you love Me, you will keep My commandments”. Actually, in the same
context, Jesus makes the same point approximately 14 times, using
different vernacular.

The modern “christian” considers the commandments of Jesus outdated
and not intended for them today. This is a mistake that without
repentance and obedience to the Gospel of God, will lead to an
eternity separated from God. There are currently millions of people
that fit the description given by our Lord in Matthew 7:13-29. On the
day of Lord, these will go away into everlasting destruction, away
from the God who is their creator.

If you are not praying that God will open your eyes and ears, and
you’re not diligently seeking Him in His Word, then you don’t know,
nor do you understand the ramifications awaiting your soul for the
disobedient life you’re living. Only those in Christ, striving to
please God are accepted by Him.

Everything I’ve written in this post can be proved by accurately
handling God’s Word of Truth. Most people, they don’t have a clue what
God in Christ demands from His creation. Why? Because they don’t love

Please, learn to love God in Christ and be saved.