When government officials rule outside of the law and suffer no consequences, that’s tyranny. A ruling authority that cares not for the well-being of the people, and treats the people as subjects, bound to the ruler’s arbitrary will, that’s tyranny. We must remember the purpose for the writing of both the Magna Carta and then later, our Constitution.

There are approximately 600 politicians in Washington DC, and in 2020 there were approximately 331,000,000 citizens in the United States of America. I think it’s past time we get back to an authentic majority rule.

I find it hard to believe that most of the 331 million Americans want the type of country we’re living in right now. I won’t believe the majority want this current state of chaos and the increasing speed at which we’re spiraling further into an abyss of lawlessness.

We, the people (all 331 million citizens) are to decide how we will live. Not a government. As Individuals, we make our choices using our God-given right of free will. Some will choose wrong, while God’s people will choose right. No matter, we have the right given by God to choose.

Lord God, we as a country have transgressed your will. Some by apostasy, and others by disbelief. I know many don’t know you, nor recognize you, nor care about your will for our lives. Many deny you, reject you, even speak evil against you. I pray they will turn from their wickedness and call upon the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Father, just as you heard Abraham, and saved Lot and his family from destruction, please look upon this land and see your people. Remember those that have put our faith and trust in you through Jesus, because of His righteousness. See those that His blood has cleansed and made heirs of His resurrection. If what we’re experiencing today is your wrath, save your church from the evildoers and reestablish our feet to stand firm in your word, and your will for our lives.

Forgive us, guide us back from our apostasy with your righteous right hand. Forgive us for accepting false teaching and false gods, whether by fellowship or neglect of speaking out against the things you hate. Help us by your strength to stand tall and firm for our rights as free people, and Lord have mercy on us, don’t give us over completely to the evil of this age that desires to rule all four corners of your earth, and its inhabitants. Strengthen us, and open our mouths, that we will speak boldly your word of salvation, the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

If it is your will, I pray you will extend your mercies to all believers in this time, and in this place. Stamp out those that desire to accomplish only evil. Remove the government officials whose hearts are against you and your will for our lives. Replace them with people that have a heart nearer to you, and will not succumb to the enticement of power and greed, as so many do.

Lord God, in all things, it is your will that is done.

Copyright 2021 © Kerry T Crane