The silhouette is all I could see of the pines in the morning mist.

I pondered upon the majesty of our creator, the Heavenly artist.

The mist mysteriously hung there as if from the branches of the pines.

I’m thankful for this moment to spare and to gaze upon God’s design.

I could hear the sound of a moving stream, but it was hidden by a misty shroud.

I felt as if I was enjoying a dream, and taking a walk among the clouds.

There was no breeze, not a sign of life, except for my own warm breath.

And at that moment, I knew no strife, nor did my soul fear death.

I stood still that morning in the midst of the pines, mindful of our Almighty God.

He is my eternal lifeline. Even in the blinding mist, I need not fear to trod.

Kerry T. Crane
Penned in 1995