What is wrong with the leaders of this so-called great nation? You see, this country was founded on God, and now there is no association.

Now, these words that I write are not some uninformed accusation, for it is plain to see that between God’s word and our government, there is no relation.

How sad it is to know that our forefathers were building on a Godly foundation, and today our politicians feel towards God no obligation.

I can’t believe we continue to vote in and acquire delegation, whose main concern is across our borders and reeks of world domination.

While the folks in DC are busy flexing their muscles of legislation, they are slowly but surely stripping the Americans of our fought for liberation.

This country needs some help if we are to reclaim our roots for preservation. It can only come from God, and in that fact, there is no reservation.

Would you not think that a proclaimed Christian nation would allow our almighty creator to be chief of navigation?

We need to allow God to pilot our lives, and lead this land on a road of reformation. It would be wise to seek His counsel and close the gap of separation.

We can rest assured if this country maintains its reputation, one day it will be too late and our God will show no toleration.

I plead with those in high places who can make changes with their decision – – come to know God’s will for His people, that is the reason for this exhortation.

Can’t you see how immorality has an open door of infiltration? Washington puts boundaries on everything else, why can’t there be moral regulation?

How in the world can Biblical wrongs be overshadowed with justification? Men and women committing unnatural acts, doctors killing babies, how do they merit legalization?

I quiver with fear at our acceptance of political pacification, all the while knowing the news that we hear should be labeled misinformation.


Kerry T. Crane
Copyright © 1995