The life of man is in a constant state of decline, spiraling towards the body’s extinction. The spirit of a man caught between the knowledge of eternity and the fear of no longer walking the earth. Only those conscious of God and His plan understand the spirit’s desire to escape the body, leaving behind the trials of the temporal existence. It’s difficult to separate our lives on earth from God’s desire for us to store our treasures in heaven. Having our minds on things of the spirit rather than of the world. For those who wear the name Christian, it’s a fire we walk through daily, striving to grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ. Life is short, it’s not about pleasure, happiness, achievements, acquisitions, or the like, it’s about being faithful servants to the one that made life possible. Knowing Jesus on His terms affords man the promise and blessing for an eternal renewal with God when this life ends. That’s the truth for those that believe in God our Father through His Son Jesus the Messiah according to the Gospel.

The cold of winter arrives and the trees sleep until the spring rains and the warmth of the sun revive the saplings… so is the season of man.

Just as the wind blows in storm clouds with lightning and thunder, then moves them away, revealing clear skies… so is the season of man.

A spark sets a forest aflame, burning everything in its path, just to make way for the new life to spring forth from the forest floor… so is the season of man.

The season of man on earth is a journey filled with adventures, consequences, joys, obstacles, and everything possible for a man to encounter, with but a few exceptions. The greatest of those exceptions is meeting the God and Savior that made life possible on their turf. A face-to-face meeting with the creator of all we have known, know now, and ever will know. This being true, wisdom would say preparation for such a meeting would be prudent.

Don’t let the lies of the world rob you of the greatest achievement man can experience! If you have not heard, understood, and believed the Gospel Of Jesus, which is the power to save your soul, it’s not too late. Just as we were born, we will die… that is the season of man, and you have the choice to do it with or without a Savior testifying on your behalf. I tell you, friend, there’s no better witness to have on your side than the author of life Himself.

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